Custom Amps

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of perfectly fine guitar amps in production today. Most guitarists eventually find a mass-produced amp that meets their needs. A few resolve to make the ultimate leap to a custom-designed, personalized, hand-built amp. If you would like an amp with your sound and your look—a one-of-a-kind, rock solid, hand-wired masterpiece—we at Channel Road Amplification can help you.

The process begins with a dialog about your dream amp: the sound you want, the features you want, and the styling that says this is your amp and no one else's. Working from your requirements, we'll create an initial circuit design. With our unique prototyping facility, we at Channel Road Amplification can quickly wire up a sample amp that you can play your guitar through. Based on your feedback, we'll tweak the circuit until you decide it's perfect for you.

Once your sound is dialed in, we'll work on the cosmetics. With custom-designed front and back panels and a cabinet designed to meet your needs, we'll create an amp with a look and sound that are uniquely yours.

With the electrical and mechanical designs completed, we'll move on to the construction phase. Every amp we build is hand-made from beginning to end—from the drilling of the chassis, to the hand-wiring, to the installation of the final knob. Our amps are built to outlive you.

The slideshow below will give you an idea of what goes into the creation of a Channel Road amp. The soundtrack was played on the pedal steel guitar through the amp itself.

For a custom, handcrafted amp that has your name on it, contact us.